Recent Publications

Carmela Barbera, Martin Jones, Sanja Korac, Iris Saliterer, and Ileana Steccolini (2017): “Governmental financial resilience under Austerity in Austria, England and Italy: How do local governments cope with financial shocks?”Public Administration, first published 15 August 2017.

A glimpse of it:
The recent economic and fiscal crisis provides an opportunity for learning lessons of general and practical relevance about how governments face ghocks affecting their financial conditions. This article draws on the resilience concept to investigate the organizational capacities that are deployed and/or built by local governments (LGs) to respond to such shocks, looking at their combinations and interactions with environmental conditions. The article presents the results of a multiple-case analysis of 12 European LGs across Austria, Italy and England. The analysis allows us to highlight and operationalize different patterns of financial resilience, that is, self-regulation, constrained or reactive adaptation, contented or powerless fatalism, that are the result of the interaction and development over time of different internal and external dimensions.

Full text can be downloaded from:


Book on Governmental Financial Resilience in the Emerald Book Series on Public Policy and Governance 2017, edited by Ileana Steccolini, Martin Jones, and Iris Saliterer, with contributions of members of the Special Interest Group from 11 countries

Available via:


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