Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management


Special Issue on

“Accounting, Accountability, and Governance in Nonprofit Organizations and Government-owned Enterprises”

Guest editors: Jarmo Vakkuri (Tampere University), Jan-Erik Johanson (Tampere University), Nancy Chun Feng (Suffolk University), Filippo Giordano (LUMSA University)

The Special Issue welcomes theoretical, empirical or conceptual papers that discuss accounting, accountability and governance problems in non-profit organizations and government-owned enterprises. Please find the Details here

–> Submission deadline:  31 October 2019



Special Issue on

“Accounting for Unstable Environments in the Public Sector: Managing Complexity in Turbulent Times”

Guest editors: Enrico Bracci (University of Ferrara), Zahirul Hoque (Latrobe University), Francisco Bastida (University of Murcia)

The Special Issue aims to collaborate in the analysis of how public sector accounting and accountability are implicated in the management of complex social, economic and environmental issues. The research may be contemporary, historical or comparative, adopting both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches. Please find the details here

 –> Submission deadline:  30 November 2019

For inquiries and further information please contact the corresponding guest editor Professor Enrico Bracci (University of Ferrara, Italy),