Our Events

Since its 2012 foundation, the Accounting and Accountability Special Interest Group (SIG) meets twice a year – at the Annual IRSPM Conference in spring and at our Annual SIG Workshop in autumn.

In addition, our members contribute to and participate in other conferences, panels, meetings and workshops that are a platform for developing and disseminating knowledge on accounting, performance measurement, and accountability.

Learn more about the SIG at the IRSPM Conference, our Annual Workshop and other events.

  • UPCOMINGAnnual SIG Workshop 2019 – ‘The Future of Auditing: Reaching Beyond Numbers’
  • IRSPM Conference 2019 – ‘Accounting for Stewardship and Innovation – Accountability for Impact’
  • Annual SIG Workshop 2018 – ‘Co-creating knowledge in public sector accounting and accountability’
  • IRSPM Conference 2018 –
  • Annual SIG Workshop 2017 – ‘Grafting through collaboration: funding international research in public sector accounting and control’
  • IRSPM Conference 2017 – ‘History, culture, politics and accounting in public services’
  • Annual SIG Workshop 2016 – ‘Performance measurement and management: building a dialogue between different perspectives’
  • IRSPM Conference 2016 – SIG Panel ‘Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Accounting and Performance Measurement in the Globalized Post-NPM World’
  • Annual SIG Workshop 2015 – ‘Engaging academia with practice and policy: a step forward’
  • IRSPM Conference 2015 – SIG Panel 1 – ‘Public Accounting and Accountability: Obfuscation or Transparency?’; SIG Panel 2 – ‘Performance Measurement of Hybrid Governance in the Age of Austerity’
  • Annual SIG Workshop 2014 – ‘Hybridity in Accounting and Performance Measurement in the Public Sector: Next Steps for Research’
  • IRSPM Conference 2014 – SIG Panel ‘Towards new identities – Accounting and performance measurement at the intersections of governance, democracy and accountability’
  • Annual SIG Workshop 2013 – ‘Accounting, Accountability and Performance Measurement in the public sector: Future Research Avenues’
  • IRSPM Conference 2013 – SIG Panel ‘Accounting for Austerity and Inter-Organizational Relations: The Challenges for Accountability in the Public Sector’







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