Welcome to the Accounting and Accountability IRSPM Special Interest Group!

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This is a platform connecting the Accounting and Accountability Special Interest Group – a Research Chapter of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM – http://www.irspm.net). Learn more here and meet the Executive Committee.

> Accounting and Accountability Digital Panel, 22 April 2020

This week, our group connecting scholars and practitioners in the field public service accounting and accountability tried a new way of presenting research and discussing different angles of “Accounting and Accountability for the Digital Transformation of Public Services”. While distance teaching and virtual meetings have sparked a very personal digital transformation in many of us, we could not have hoped for a better experience during the Digital Panel and Informal Meet-Up on Wednesday, 22 April 2020.

The Panel (consisting of short paper presentations and discussions over two sessions) and the Informal Meet-Up (an open space to talk about puzzling questions of accounting and accountability in or throughout the digital transformation of public services – but even more so, to talk about how to survive and thrive through the digital revolution of our core activities) have served as a sounding board for colleagues from three continents. Up to 74 participants have listened in to the paper presentations and have participated in exchanging views on current and the future research in the field of public service accounting and accountability. Many thanks to the authors, presenters, the designated discussants, and to all of those who chimed in – you all have made the new experience a success! See some impressions of the Digital Panel here.

See the program of the Accounting and Accountability Digital Panel 2020 here.

There is a panel-related Special Issue in Financial Accountability and Management – see more here.

> SAVE THE DATE – Accounting and Accountability Workshop 2-3 November 2020

We are happy to announce this year’s Workshop of the Special Interest Group on Accounting and Accountability addressing the topic of “Sustainable Development Goals and climate change – challenges of accounting and accountability in the public sector”. Depending on the developments around the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Workshop will take place on 2-3 November 2020 in-person at the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance, Aix-Marseille Université, France with a possibility to participate via video-stream, or will be entirely organized as a digital event.

We are looking forward to be hosted by Céline DuBoys in the beautiful south of France!

See more here soon!

> Task Force Public Sector Financial Reports on COVID-19 and Public Sector Accounting

The Task Force of the CIGAR Network, the EGPA PSG XII, and the Accounting and Accountability Special Interest Group has published a timely proposal on Setting Guidelines to Register COVID-19 effects on Public Sector Accounting and Government Financial Reporting. See the Proposal directed to the IPSASB (International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board) and to EUROSTAT here!

Find out more about the Task Force here.

> Read a recap on the  SIG Accounting and Accountability Workshop 2019

We look back on another rewarding Workshop of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Accounting and Accountability of the IRSPM – International Research Society for Public Management. Read more about this year’s Workshop here!

> Intensifying transatlantic relations – the IRSPM Special Interest Group on Accounting and Accountability as special guest at PMRC 2019

Last June, the IRSPM Special Interest Group on Accounting and Accountability has been a special guest at the Public Management Research Conference (PMRC) at the University of North Carolina School of Government. A must in public management scholars’ calendars across North America, the PMRC has been attracting more and more international colleagues over the last years and presented itself as a great opportunity to reach out to public sector accounting and accountability scholars from North America. Ileana Steccolini, the convenor of the IRSPM Special Interest Group on Accounting and Accountability, presented our group’s activities and provided an international perspective to the PMRC preconference on connecting financial management and public management. Read more…

> Learn about the Accounting & Accountability Group’s work on Financial Resilience!

Members of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Accounting and Accountability have applied the concept of resilience to explore how local governments keep operating even in adverse conditions and whether and why they are able to adapt rapidly in a crisis. Results and findings of the first research projects are available now – find out more! 

Currently, our colleagues are working on a Financial Resilience Toolkit for local governments – we will keep you posted on the results of the first practitioner workshops and the newest developments here!