Annual Workshop 2018

The Special Interest Group on Accounting and Accountability was delighted that this year’s workshop was hosted by the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. And what a visit it was to the venerable brick palace named after the ‚Father of Modern Economics‘! Adina Dudau, one of the Special Interest Group’s long-time busy bees, provided a great platform for provocations, ideas, and teamwork in tackling hot topics of accounting in the public sector.

After thought-provoking keynotes by David Heald from the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School, and Irvine Lapsley from the University of Edinburgh Business School, participants got together in groups dedicated to the topics of Financial Resilience, Professional Accountants/Standards, and ‚Richer‘ Accountability.

Academics from ten different European countries and practitioners from ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, the ICAEW, and consulting and audit firms kicked off a lively discussion in provocations put forward by practitioners on day 1:

Financial Resilience: A joint provocation by David Pye by the Local Government Association and Guy Clifton from Grant Thornton

Professional Accountants/Standards: Alex Metcalfe, ACCA, and Bernhard Schatz, Ministry of Finance, Austria

‚Richer‘ Accountability: a complementary provocation by Joost Vos, RONT Management Consultants, and Christiaan Los, Dutch Police Force

Participants challenged conventional the design of academic events by getting to know each other better during a ‚speed dating‘ session, which was topped by a delicious dinner in Glasgow’s charming city center.

Day 2 of the workshop resumed the provoking statements and daring questions, this time from an academic perspective:

Financial Resilience: A joint provocation by Martin Jones and Bernard Kofi Dom, Nottingham Business School

Professional Accountants/Standards: Eugenio Anessi Pessina, Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, Milan

‚Richer‘ Accountability: Russ Glennon and Pete Murphy, Nottingham Trent University

After the plenary address by our host, John Finch from the Adam Smith Business School, Tom Overmans, the newest member of the Special Interest Group’s executive committe, gave an overview of the Group‘s future research avenues and activities with public sector accounting professionals. The keynotes by Pete Murphy, Nottingham Trent University, and Lee Parker, RMIT University Melbourne and Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, were a fantastic final touch to the debates and sparkling ideas that made the two days in Glasgow a great success.