Annual Workshop 2017

Annual SIG Workshop 2017 – ‘Grafting through collaboration: funding international research in public sector accounting and control‘

9-10 October 2017, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg, Germany

The workshop brought together a group of academics that explored possibilities of collaborating in new research endeavors. During intensive discussions over two days, ideas have been developed, refined, and first projects have been launched. The SIG continues to provide an interactive platform for scholars interested in making a difference in public sector accounting and performance measurement research.

Participants will play an active and constructive role in the future developments of the the following topics:

  • Public value measurement and accounting for social Innovation
  • Accounting and accountability in the digital Age – enhancing transparency, tackling corruption
  • Accounting and policy-making

The rooftop dinner high above Freiburg’s historic city Center provided a perfect site to discuss and exchange puzzle pieces and hints across topics.

A special thank you to the keynote speakers Ileana Steccolini, Christoph Reichard, and Eugenio Caperchione!

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