The Accounting and Accountability Special Interest Group is a diverse and dynamic research network aimed at contributing to and influencing the international debate on accounting and performance measurement systems in the public sector.

Ileana Steccolini

‘An IRSPM chapter, the Accounting and Accountability Special Interest Group (AA SIG)  was created in 2012 to create stronger bridges between accounting, performance management and public management scholars, on the one hand,  and practitioners on the other hand.’  (Ileana Steccolini, convenor)

From a research perspective, the AA SIG focuses on accounting and performance measurement impacts and uses, their antecedents and evolutionary paths as well as on how they can answer to the challenge of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

From a practice and policy perspective, the AA SIG aims at developing and disseminating influential knowledge, capable of contributing to the improvement of budgeting, reporting, performance measurement and financial management practices in developed and emerging economies.

Fundamentally, we recognize that publicness matters in accounting and accounting matters in public management. Join us on this exciting journey! Email our membership secretary, Dr Enrico Bracci, to become a member (brcnrc@unife.it) and our conference secretary, Dr Mariafrancesca Sicilia (mariafrancesca.sicilia@unibg.it) to join our events.

We take our work seriously and take ourselves lightly. Check out our own Martin Jones, rocking as lead singer in the IRSPM Lonely Hearts Band in Ottowa, Canada, 2014: